Friday, May 5, 2006

Lipikar Version 3.0.0 Beta-2

Lipikar version 3.0.0 Beta-2 released today. "Beta-1" was never publicly released - it was provided to Mr. D K. Chowdhury on 29th April 2006 for private testing only. So, as far as public versions are concerned, it's a major jump from the last public release of version 2.1.3. Major improvements are:
  • The "FontMap" (previously known as "Character Map" but rechristened to avoid confusion) gets it's own toolbar.

  • A unique feature called "Custom FontMap" introduced. Instead of operating with a mundane looking FontMap which looks same for all the fonts, you can create your own FontMap layout for a particular font by choosing only the characters you need from that font and arranging them on the 8x28 grid by whichever way you like. Take a look at the two screenshots (normal, custom) to get an idea.

  • Along with create, you can save, load and edit the custom FontMaps as well. These files are only 2 KB in size and can be easily ported by floppies or mail attachments.

  • "Options" was changed to "Default Options". Any change in settings there will affect only Lipikar's default or startup options from now on - it will not change any of the current settings.

  • The "FontBrowser" module gets it's own tab in "Default Options". Among other settings, you can now change the sample text ("The Quick Brown Fox...") too.

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