Monday, May 8, 2006

Lipikar Version 3.0.0 Beta-3

Beta-3 of Lipikar version 3.0.0 released with the following major changes from Beta-2:
  • The "FontBrowser" module was removed - it's contribution towards the core functionalities of Lipikar could not justify it's high overheads. As a result of this removal, the executable size has reduced by about 75% and startup time has reduced significantly.

  • While starting, instead of conforming the window size exactly to the FontMap, Lipikar can now revert to the last window size if the user had resized it.

  • The installer is now capable of detecting and uninstalling any existing installation of Lipikar. Henceforth, Lipikar will not be installed if an existing installation is detected until it is uninstalled.

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